Our Values:

On every project, we build for the long term. What we put into your home and into our working relationship is meant to last. Our vision, which we pursue every day, is to become “Your Building ReSource for Life.” Here are some of the values we hold, and how they affect the work we do for you:


We never stop listening to your needs. Only by understanding what you want can we proceed to tell you how we are going to accomplish it. We believe the success of every project hinges upon clear and continuous communication between everyone involved. We take this aspect of our relationship with you very seriously and our Customers believe this is where we excel above our competition.


We’ve found many Customers tend to utilize the wisdom and proficiency we’ve gathered over our 13 years of experience. We’ll gladly offer sound advice when we think we can help improve your project. We also strive to make the building process as transparent as possible. It’s our belief, that when you know what to expect, you will be happier with the results. We provide a detailed summary of the project specifications, estimates, and schedule. If a change is requested, we will inform you immediately if the scope of your project will change in its cost/schedule.


Everyone at Posch Builders is extremely passionate about what we do and it shows in our work. We are Builders of fine Architectural, Interior and Artistic design. We hire professionals we know and trust from previous work. At the same time, we keep our eyes and ears open for skilled craftsmen we haven’t met yet. We notice and remember those who share our dedication to communication, quality, responsibility, and customer satisfaction.


Creativity to us isn’t just in what embellishments and flair you put into your home, it’s also about the mix of elements that give you the look, function, and impact you want for the price you want. We work hard to make all of the elements of your project work well together. When we talk, ask for examples, we would love to share them with you.



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